Instagram For Musicians 2021: Tips To Grow On Instagram Organically


Many singers ask us on our Instagram page “midisic“, ‘In 2021, Is Instagram for Musicians?’ I just answer them with a simple nod saying ‘YES‘. Even in 2021, Instagram is for musicians.

You are a musician, or a singer, or a music producer and you are scrolling your Instagram feed and in the reel section, you find some random artist playing his song. I know the feeling and that’s not jealousy, that is called self-actualization.

You must be thinking who are we to teach you on how you can grow on Instagram as a musician. Well, don’t worry, We are already the ones who are doing great on Instagram as musicians or you can say, music lovers.

With the efforts and right technique, we managed to grow with a very speed and were able to get connected with 45k plus beautiful musicians to whom we provide new tips and tricks on music.

Simply you could just follow the same rule and yes, you can also have thousands of fans/followers within no time.


In this blog, you are going to learn about how you can grow on Instagram organically and make a big name in the industry of music. As an artist, people need a platform to post their art somewhere, and here comes Instagram for musicians 2021.

There are many things to keep in mind before making an account as a musician. You need to keep in mind the things to do and also the things not to do. Make sure you read the full blog in order to understand the complete process and tips that could help you grow on Instagram organically in 2021 as a musician.

A lot of you may still have doubt, Unlike other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc the growth of Instagram too would have gone down in 2021, but that’s not true. Even today, Instagram is live and bringing updates on its platform. Due to these updates, the algorithm of Instagram for musicians 2021 increases the chances to grow organically.

how to create an account on Instagram for musicians 2021

Before getting famous on Instagram, the first thing we are needed to do is to make or open an account on Instagram for musicians 2021. As in 2021, this will be ridiculous to state the full procedure to create an account on Instagram.

But there could be some people who may not be familiar with the full process. So I’m going to explain the full procedure to create an account on Instagram. If you know it already, you can skip directly below.

Following are the steps to create an Instagram account:

  1. The very first and the easiest step is to go to the Play Store(for Android), or Apple app store(iPhone) and from there, you can download the application.
  2. After the application is downloaded, click on the install button and you will see an Instagram app on your phone’s home page.
  3. Click on the app icon and wait for it to open. Once opened, you will get the screen showing the login page.
  4. Now instead of login, you have to click on ‘CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT’ button. After clicking it, you’ll be redirected to information section.
  5. In the Infromation page, you are required to put your Name, Email id, Mobile Number, and New User id.
  6. After completing these steps, now you will be need to add some personal informations like your likings, your photograpgh for profile picture, etc. Fill them all and in the end, you’ll be ready with your New account on Instagram.
  7. The last and the final step that you are required to do here is to go to the setting and change the personal account option into a ‘Business Account’.

How to get more followers on Instagram for musicians

Now we’ve come to the point where I’ll tell you all the tips and tricks that are extremely important to put in action if you want to grow your followers and become popular on Instagram for Musicians 2021.

Every artists’ field has its own types and methods to post and engage on Instagram. If you are a Social Media Influencer’ You’ll have to engage in other ways, but here as a musician, you need to keep certain things in mind if you really want to grow and that also without putting any cost/Organically.

As a Music page ourselves, we know how much and what does it take to build a community and a fan following. Follow us through the blog and you can also be the one who will be having thousands of fans and followers on Instagram for musicians 2021.

1. Do proper Research

Instagram For Musicians 2021

Before opening an Instagram account, it is important to do some research on the accounts like whom you want your account to be.

Suppose you are a music producer, the first thing that you need to do after creating your account is to find other music producers’ accounts and see what and how their profile looks like.

What is the time when they post their pictures? Many people like to follow a pattern on using social media. The pattern gives their followers a sense of time when they are going to upload new things.

You need to understand the pattern of their’s and the way they manage their feed. These days the management of feed is more important. It should look magnificent.

So, doing proper research on the people who are of the same genre as you, will help you understand how posting and maintenance are done on Instagram for musicians 2021.

2. Engage with others

Instagram For Musicians 2021

Engaging with others on Instagram is the most effective tip that you are needed to follow. When you engage with others, the algorithm of Instagram gives you the privilege to come to the top while suggesting the accounts to follow.

There are many ways through which you can do the engagement and increase the chance of getting yourself suggested with many accounts on Instagram for musicians.

things to do on your instagram account

  • Upload the posts that are engaging and has the ability to make the people you follow to do the things either of them – Like, Share, Save, Comment.
  • In order to get more engagement on the post you upload, you can make them as you are asking any question. People will answer that in comments and the engagement will automaically grow.
  • Make sure that you reply to each and every comment you get on your post. And most important, the reply should always be related to the question the’ve asked.
  • Put a story frequently. This is because whenever your account reaches to new person, the first thing they notice is your stories.
  • There are various things you can put on your stories. Either you can share your daily routine or the poster/teaser of your upcoming teaser.
  • In the story section too, make sure the content is engageable. If posting about your personal life, it should be appealing enpugh for people to visit your profile.

Things to do on others instagram account

  • Follow: By following others account you show yourself alive to instagram. That leads to the result that your instagram account is active. So make sure you follow the people and be updated with everything going in your industry.
  • like: The second step is putting a like on the posts that the people you follow on instagram post. This will bring you on the notice to them, and who knows some of them might even follow you back. And this will be even more helpful.
  • comment: The third and the most important thing that you are needed to grow you account on Instagram for musicians 2021 is to comment down and try to compliment the post people upload. You can also ask about the things you didn’t understood and if you didn’t find it informative, you can give a feedback. Doing this will give you a breakthrough and a conversation could start between you and the person you follow.

3. reels/igtv

Instagram For Musicians 2021

If you are updated with this world, you would definitely know about Instagram’s new section – Reels. The algorithm of the reels is quite sick.

As a musician, you have the great opportunity to make a video of yourself playing the instrument or singing and you can upload it directly on the reel section.

Using the right hashtags, and the techniques that are mentioned here, you’ll be able to gain lots of views, likes, and followers in no time. But for this, you are required to do a simple task and that is to be consistent about it.

This is how you can grow your Instagram account with Reels or IGTV:

  • Record a song and do the mixing of the same on any DAW that you prefer.
  • Prepare a video of the same and export a full video on your mobile.
  • Upload it on your instagram’s Reels section. Make sure while uploading, you don’t miss tagging the original creator of the song or music that you made. This will help you reach to their account.
  • Sometimes, artists whom you tagged on your post, watches it and if liked, can also pass a comments on the same.
  • Share the reel video on your story too. This will give you a boost reaching to most of your followers.
  • Use some of the trending hashtags while uploading. Hashtags are one of the most important factor that helps you reach new audience in a very quick time. So take time looking for the effective and viral hashtags.
  • Don’t forget to choose the tags that are related to your song or post that you’ve uploaded. Otherwise it could be considered as a spam.

4. Choose correct hashtags

Being on Instagram, you would have definitely come across the term choosing the correct hashtags in order to get maximum traffic is extremely important. And yes Hashtags are truly one of the most important factors or say keys that help your posts reach too many.

Below I’ve mentioned the three most important from the list of many tips that will help you to grow your account on Instagram for musicians 2021.

  • Keep an Eye On your Competitors: As I said, you should follow the people who interests you and like whom you want to make posts or videos. So what you need to do here is to look at the tags they are using. Now find atleast 3 accounts and note down their hashtags. After this, you will automatically get the hashtags that could help you reach thousands.
  • Use Social Media Tools: The next thing you can do to find the right hashtags is to take the use of third party social media tools. They are built in a way that will provide you the hashtags that are trending in your genre.
  • Keep it Short and Relevent: Make sure the hashtag you are using are relevent to the post you are about to upload. In the beginning phase of your account, instagram needs to understand the genre of your account. Hashtags play an important role to recognise the catagery of the same. Also keep the hastags short and simple.

Use the website to get the relevant hashtags for your posts.

5. Write attractive bio for your instagram

Instagram For Musicians 2021

When people enter your account, the first thing they look at is your bio. If you explained them about yourself in an appealing way, they definitely are going to follow you. So writing the correct and appealing bio is necessary in order to make people follow your account and join you in your journey.

There are many ways to write an attractive bio. Or again, you can look into your competitor’s profile and get the ideas from their bio. And remember, never copy what they’ve written. You are needed to explain yourself in the bio section. You are different than them and so should be your bio.

6. How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers

The next big feature you get on Instagram is the Story section. You can upload whatever you have in your mind, keep your audience engage through it and see your account grow on your own.

You can use the following tips to Get More Followers on Instagram using the story section:

  • Use GIFs, Fonts, Stickers: When Instagram gave you the features to explore, I think you should do it. Using the new features help instagram to promote your account automatically. Be updated with the latest GIFs or Stickers and you will see your story reach increasing day by day.
  • Give Shoutout to your Competitors: As I told you before, engagement is the prime factor that helps increasing your profile. So what you are needed to do here is to whenever you get a chance, never miss that by tagging your competitors or the people whime you follow. This will somethime help you getting tagged in their stories too.
  • Repost your Instagram Reels: Once you posted the reel, the fist thing you should do is to post that on you rstories too. People love to watch things on stories. So if you have your songs posted on reels, you can share them directly to your stories.

7. use Best Instagram Profile picture

People say – “First Impression is the Last Impression”, and that’s definitely true. When people come across your profile from anywhere, the first thing they encounter is your profile picture.

Imagine you are scrolling your Instagram feed and found a post that you found appealing. After the post, you’ll instantly look at the profile picture of that account. And if you find that attractive, you will be forced to visit that account and want to see the contents inside it.

You have to do the same. Keep your profile picture engaging so that you get more profile visits. And the more profile visits you get, the more followers list will achieve.

8. tell your story

In this world, people like to connect with each other. Suppose they cam to your profile with the help of the above tips, but what after that? Why would they follow you? And for instance, let’s assume they also did follow you, but what’s the guarantee they will be with you for the long term?

Now the question comes here, how can you make your followers be your genuine fans and make them engage with each of your posts. The answer to this is you should give them something to connect with you.

You can tell your story in your bio in such a way that they should feel you the very first time they see your bio. You can also put a highlight telling something about you. This will give you a strong connection between yourself and your followers. And you will grow steadily.

9. Choose the right time to post

Time has an important role to play with your engagement. You can find out the most suitable and engaging time for your post through your insights.

What you need to do is go on the insight page of your account and scroll down to the end of the page. There you’ll see the engagement based from time to time. Looking at that, you will understand what is time zone you should follow to upload your posts and to engage with others.

Knowing the time when to upload simply cut out the effort and you can automate the posting time. You can make the videos and schedule them according to the best time given in the insight.

10. Be Consistent

The last thing that comes in the tips on how you can grow your followers and your account on Instagram for musicians 2021 is to be consistent. In order to make fan following and genuine followers, consistency is the key.

Things take time to grow. An empire can not be build overnight. You can’t expect to grow your Instagram account by just working for few days. Remember you are the one who has to grow and not the people who follow you. So firstly, you need to clear your mind and focus on your goal.

Always try to follow a pattern. I know there are lots of things to do and that’s going to take time. But remember, You can’t get anything without giving something. When you give your time, in the future, you’ll receive the result.

You will see, the growth in your Instagram account as a musician real soon if you keep on doing the things mentioned above. So always plan your whole day and work accordingly. Think of this as your job and not any side hustle that you don’t mind doing. This will keep you focused and will encourage you to do the work without getting tired easily.

New Feature on Instagram for musicians 2021

Recently Instagram is practicing new updates that are going to help improve the platform and provide more value to the content creators on Instagram.

My advice will be not to neglect this extremely important opportunity and grab it to make big on Instagram. As Instagram mentioned, They want their platform to provide value to their content creators. Recently they launched their new feature called REEL.

Monitization on Video section

Instagram is planning to launch a separate video section for content creators. So being a musician, Singers, Music Producers, or any other artist, you can use it to showcase your talent.

As we saw the algorithm of Reels going crazy, we can expect the same with the video section too. So be ready to become famous and with a bit of simple luck, you could instantly rule all over the internet soon.

Also, they are planning to place ads in the video section that will be shared with the creators themselves. So yes now you’ll have the opportunity to earn something while posting on Instagram.

other things to keep in mind

Growing on Instagram for musicians in 2021 is not easy. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind and use in your daily practice of using Instagram.

Your Interest

The first thing to make sure before starting or thinking of growing your Instagram account as a musician is that the work that you are going or planning to do, should be of your interest.

For example, suppose you chose to upload cover songs as a singer on Instagram reels as well as IGTV. Now posting the video isn’t only the work that you are needed to do here.

Behind a simple video that people post, requires a lot of research, hard work, and time. So if the work doesn’t interest you, In the future, after some days, you might quit it out either cause of boredom or because of not seeing a successful result.

If you want to make cover songs, make sure you love recording, mixing, video making, and other things that require to make a proper reel video of a cover song. And then you won’t feel any boredom or thoughts that might let you down. Just remember – ‘YOU JUST NEED A SINGLE SONG/VIDEO THAT’S GONNA HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL’.

no hack

Again, while posting the reels or photos daily, it might feel frustrating after someday. And it does happen with everyone. That doesn’t mean you can stop making posts or reels.

Remember one thing, there are no shortcuts in the path towards success. You are required to pass every hurdle and do every hard work others did during their beginning phase. Just don’t compare someone’s already success got through struggle and your beginning phase struggle.

Keep on doing the work as shown or given in this blog, and you’ll definitely be able to grow yourself on Instagram for musicians 2021.

Give the time

The main mistake people do while trying to grow on Instagram is thinking of it as any side fun work. This thinking lets them ignore to do the hard work on it which is necessary. And without that hard work, you yourself know, nothing is gonna be achieved.

If you decide something, some work to do, and that work has any goal, then you are required to provide some of your valuable time to it. You can’t say that without doing anything, the goal you chose will come running to you.

You yourself are needed to run to it and grab it before you leave it for others. And in order to do so, there is something that you need to give, and that is Your Time. So yes spare some time from your daily work routine and apply the tricks and methods shown in this blog.


As of now, I’ve told you everything about how you can grow your Instagram page/account as a musician in 2021. I think with the tips and methods I’ve mentioned, you can now apply that in your daily routine and on Instagram to grow quickly and organically.

The methods mentioned above are tried and tested. As I already told you, we grew our Instagram page from the very beginning, started with zero followers. And now we are the family of 45k plus music producers, musicians, singers, etc.

The main reason for our growth was that we provided value to them. And in return, they join continued to join and became our family members. Unlike us, you yourself can build a community or a fan following. Just remember. You will be needed to provide something to them in order to follow you.

The thing that you decide to provide can be anything like valuable knowledge as we do, or good cover songs like many singers do these days and they also see the success from it. So choose what you are going to give and in return, you can grow your account on Instagram for Musicians 2021.


What Should I post as a musician on Instagram?

As a musician, you have a lot to post on Instagram. First, let’s start with the instrument you play. Or if you are a singer, you can just keep a short 30-sec video of you singing. This will hardly take any time to record.
So as a musician, you can post pictures of instruments, 30-sec clips of playing something beautiful soothing, or can also keep on updating about your next post or main ree that you’ll be uploading.
Keep your followers engaged with your stories and feed. Try to do some polls. This helps a lot to increase the reach on Instagram.

How often should a musician post on Instagram?

Well, the quantity of posts per day depends totally on your availability and suitability. If you can manage the time to post two posts or stories daily that’s best. But if you have a job or do work, then securing the time daily can be exhausting.
So in this case, you can just post two reels a week. That will work totally fine. But you need to make sure that through stories, you should keep your followers updated.
Use new stickers, do polls, and share the sneak-peak from your daily life. This will help you grow connections with your followers.

How do artists get more followers on Instagram?

The one-sentence answer to this question would be – Artists can get more followers on Instagram using the techniques mentioned above in the blog.
Also, you need to be consistent and work with the pattern. Observe your competitors and follow their tactics. And using these techniques, you can grow your followers on Instagram within no time.

How do Singers get noticed on Instagram?

For singers to get noticed on Instagram, there are numerous ways. The thing you have to do is to just be attentive.
Due to the latest feature of Instagram called Reel, you can make a short video up to 60 sec. Within 60-sec, you can record your cover song and upload it on Instagram. Due to its random algorithm, your reel may get viral within no time.
But for that, you need to keep in mind what is trending. If possible, you can make memes songs. And these days people like to enjoy along with watching videos. So try to be a little entertaining by showing the talent.

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

If we talk about a person from any field, then Christiano Ronaldo is the person who charges the most for a single post.
And in the music field, there are, many like – Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and many more.

Is it OK to post 3 times a day on Instagram?

The trick here to grow on Instagram is simple. The more post you will upload, the more reach you will get. And the more reach you will get, the more followers will be added to your list. So understand by yourself.
Yes, it is more than OK to post 3 times a day on Instagram to get more followers.

How do musicians use Instagram?

The way of using Instagram for musicians in 2021 totally depends upon the goal one person has. If you are a cover artist, you can use Instagram for showcasing your talent, If you are a drum player, you can record your videos of playing drums to your favorite song and can upload video as a form of the reel on Instagram.
Also, If you are someone who produces music, can use Instagram as to promote your upcoming songs among your followers.

How do I market myself as a musician on Instagram?

Social media play a very important role in a musician’s life as they help them reach their fans and also is a place where an artist can promote himself for the talent he is good at.
If you want to market yourself as a musician on Instagram, make sure you have some amount of genuine followers. With the followers in thousands, you can easily be heard by them. And in the future, they are gonna support you and your songs.
So how are you going to do it? Well, you can read the full blog here explaining the perfect model to market yourself as a musician on Instagram.

Is Instagram good for artists?

Every social media is good for an artist. A platform that gives you the opportunity to expand your reach while sitting at your home, who doesn’t want that. right?
Instagram has every and very important part to play in promoting each artist’s life and talent. The whole world could listen to you while you will be at your home chilling with Netflix.
So, My answer to the question will be Yes, Instagram is good for artists.

How long does it take to reach 1000 followers on Instagram?

The hardest part in using Instagram to grow the followers is the beginning phase. When starting, you will have to start with zero followers. And the journey to 1000 followers will not be easy.
Let me be straight here. If you want to grow truly on Instagram for musicians 2021, you have to be consistent. Once 1000 followers get completed, the journey keeps on getting easy. As your post will start showing on explore pages.
So basically, it will take around 2 to 3 months to reach 1000 followers on Instagram.

How to make a separate Instagram for music?

Making a separate account for Instagram could not be the best option according to me. But there are people who like to keep pw=ersonal life and professional life distinguished, so yes you can make two separate accounts. One personal and the other for your music.
The procedure is pretty the same as you opened your previous account on Instagram. And in order to get followers in your music account on Instagram, you can read this blog completely from start to finish.

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