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What we do?

We at midisic believe in sharing the knowledge we have to the world about Music Production and bring out to you the best knowledge and quality products you need for your Music. We are committed in bringing the best knowledge to the aspiring Songwriters, Music producers and other musicians whether they are starting their career in the industry or already successful. 

We write articles about how people in music department can get a platform that is already waiting for them. As we all know, the most important step in their life is to start at some point. And without knowledge, that’s impossible. We are here to turn that “Impossible” into “I’m Possible” with guiding them with the information at every step.

How the Journey Started

I remember It was 13th March when I posted the first Picture about the tip on producing music and how much love I received through that. At that time, I was alone in the journey, but slowly time went by, people joined along the journey. 

I started creating various informative posts on Instagram giving my followers the information and help they needed as a music producer. From there, I got a lot of feedback about what people need and how could I help them along. I applied all my knowledge in order to bring positivity inside them and tried my best to insert hope into their life. Because we all know, the journey sometimes can be long and boring.

I thought if posting the information in the type of posts on Instagram is so helpful to them, why not try to provide the same in a long-form. I decided to open a website and give the same knowledge to the music producers in the form of a blog. As information in detailed explanation could be more helpful than just short posts.

Hope you will join us in the journey and get the knowledge you need.


About Me

Hello. My name is Ved Dwivedi. I am a Music Producer and started midisic in a hope to share knowledge, gained through my experience. I love to create music. I think I have different aspect of making music and that is what make me eligible to create the contents. While I entered into the field of Music Producing, I had no one to support. So I use to go online and search a lot about everything. 

Now I don’t want the other aspiring producers to waste their time on the internet in order to search the content. Because I know that’s frustrating. I want them to keep their focus on production, and rest of the knowledge work they need is here.

I try my best to bring the best quality knowledge on every topic of creating music from scratch to the professional level. So join with me to embrace your journey and enjoy your success.

Have any Queries?

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