How to Network As A Music Producer in 2021


In order to succeed in you your life as a music producer, the need to know the techniques to Network as a music producer is a compulsion.

Being in Music Production business, Networking is 80% and making music is 20%

Being an Independent artist or if you just started your career as a Music Producer, there comes a day when you feel like depressing. And by mistake, if even a single negative thought clicks your mind, you will directly enter the mental block zone(Creativity Block). In order to be away from it, there must always be positivity around you. And for that, you need to think positively.

In the beginning, you just need to focus on your music-making skills. But ideas about the future could sometimes be frustrating. You must need to know your way in order to remain productive every time. After a time, you need to come out of your personal space and look out for people of the same interest as yours. But before knowing about the tips to network as a music producer, let’s read why is networking as a music producer important.

Why to Network as a Music Producer? Why is it Necessary?

Looking at some of the famous music artists or music producers, you must have thought at least once, How do they get noticed? How do musicians find each other?

Well, that’s basic, they do networking. When you make music sitting at your home alone, people outside of your bedroom, don’t know what do you do. In order to make them aware of your work, you need to get out and talk to them. This is extremely important.

So networking is important to get the way straight up. After going out, you’ll know various things about the world or if you already know, you’ll witness it yourselves.

Often you may have heard about artists who got recognized through social media or anywhere else. Well let me break the ice for you, that’s luck. Luck is one of the essential factors needed to be a music producer.

If you are dreaming to get signed by a record label, you must know that networking is very much needed.

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Types of Networking

Types of Networking

When I say you need to go outside and start to network as a music producer, that doesn’t mean you should just get out of your house and randomly visit anyone asking them a favor. There are some ways and types that you should know of. The main two types of networking are – Social Networking(Personal) and Professional Networking.

Now both of them have their own respective. You need to choose the type of connection you want to make with the person. If chosen wrongly, it may affect your relationship in the future.

Social Networking(Personal)

When you meet people and they are like you, you make a connection with them. Now in this connection, you be with the people who have the same liking as yours. From here, you’ll learn about the industry, about music, but you can’t force them to do favors for you continuously.

Well, Of course, they will take you to some of their connections, who may benefit you in your career, but they can’t be used for granted all the time. People in this category are the ones who will pat on your back when you get success and motivate you when you’ll face low.

But having a personal connection has some limitations. Like you can’t continuously ask them to help you meet some producers or any other favors.

Professional Networking

In professional networking, you need to make connections only for mutual benefits. When you talk to them, you won’t be bringing out the topics about your or theirs personal life. Only the beneficial talks are being done in the meetings.

Well, of course, you can have fun in the meetings, but after the meeting finishes, both of you will be on different lives. But before meeting them, you need to make sure that you have something that should be of good interest to the person sitting in front.

So make sure what do you need when thing about making networks.

Ok, So you know about the types of networking, but how are you going to get them? They aren’t going to come to you while you sitting in your bedroom. So Let me bring you some of the best Tips to network as a music producer.

1. Understand Yourself

Before finding others, you need to know about yourself. What are you and what type of music do you make. Suppose you are a producer who likes to make EDM songs, and you went to the person who is in Hip-Hop music, there won’t be anything in anyone’s favor. So, learn about yourself who are you.

Also should have the knowledge of where do you stand on the ladder. If you are a beginner and produced just 2 or 3 songs, you can’t hope to meet the big labels and ask them to sign you. Firstly, you need to create your profile.

2. Build an Appealing Profile

Remember you have to keep your image in such a way, that whenever you walk up to some people showing your work and profile, they should get inspired and instantly agree to work with you.

Everyone in the music industry wants to work with a person who can make great music. after all, that’s what they all look for. You must have at least 6 to 7 good music already released and another 5 songs unreleased. Whenever you meet them, you can show them your discography.

If they liked it, Hurray!!! So make sure your profile is appealing while reaching new people.

In order to make your profile even more interesting, what you can do is to learn about marketing.

3. Learn to Market Yourself

In today’s time, a person needs to have every skill in order to be successful. If you want to grow really big, you should know how to market yourself as a music producer, or an artist. By marketing, you will be creating opportunities to be found by others even more.

Treat yourself as a brand and then you will get ideas on how you can reach various people. If you have a hold on a community that talks about you, you got everything. And how much you can grow the audience is on you.

I’m not saying that you should have a fan following among millions, but at least you should have followers of around 5k to 10k people.

Now you must be thinking about how you can grow the followers and build a strong community. Wait, I’m here and that means you don’t need to worry about that.

4. Build a Strong Community

So, Why is Community important? The answer you’ll get when you are sitting in front of any label and asking them for an opportunity to get signed. If you show them the number of people who follow you or your music, will increase the chances.

Why leave any chances if we know the trick. Of course, I know building a community isn’t easy. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even think of it.

Below I’ve mentioned how you can get more people to join your community and will help to praise your music.

5. Use Social Media

This is 2021, the world is running on Social media. Everything is on the internet nowadays. There are various platforms on the internet where you can grow your community in different ways.

Every social media platform works in a different way. And you being in the same world, I’m sure you too have the knowledge about them. So without wasting the time in explaining those platforms in detail, let me give you a short summary of them.


One of the oldest Social Media platforms is Facebook. Here you can share anything from Pictures to Videos. Also, this platform is best for creating promotional advertisements.

You need to create a page under your name on Facebook and you can start posting your songs or pictures in a creative way you can think of.


Instagram is the most trending social media platform where you can post your song teaser, pictures, and videos of yours or your music. This is nowadays a very trendy platform that means you have the chance to put your music here, and who knows Instagram’s algorithm hits you in a different way and Boom!! You are all over the internet.

Instagram has introduced a new feature called Instagram Reel(TikTok alternative). This section on the platform has a very distinctive and unpredictable algorithm. So here is your chance. You can create an awesome appealing profile on Insta and yup, YOu are ready.


Another trending social media platform where you can upload your pieces of music. TikTok is a platform where creators make a video range up to 1 minute. The video could be on any topic.

Here you can drop your songs and who knows, if your song is picked by any big creator, you’ll become famous in no time.


Who doesn’t know YouTube? Many artists got their names from here. This platform is famous for providing artists their name and fame. The platform needs you to upload videos of any duration, and if liked by listeners, you can get subscribers.

If considered genuinely, many artists, music producers, and singers prefer this platform as a career. There is a service called ‘Adsense’ which pays you when your channel gets monetized. Still, there are some criteria that you need to complete before getting the monetization on.


LinkedIn is a platform for professional people. Generally, people their professional account adding details about their work done before and about their vision.

Companies are also present on LinkedIn. You can just create your profile and then send a request to the labels of your choice. There is also a section from where you can get the profiles of people associated with the company or labels.

6. Contact Music Blog

Along with managing your social media account, you can also keep ahead up in the blogging field where you can contact the people who run music blogs.

There are various websites running, that cover indie artists. They are willing to find new music and musicians who have a good taste in music. You could reach out to them using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You need to show them your latest release and why is it the one that they should cover on their blog.

7. Join Forums

While looking for ways to make your own community, you can also join other music producers’ forums. There are thousands that are running online. You just need to enter there and be a member of an already built community.

From there, you can learn a few things or two. And gradually, you can convert people on those forums to yours. On those forums, you can’t head directly posting “Hey, Check out my new song on Soundcloud r YouTube” well, no one’s gonna listen to it.

You need to provide value to them in the first place. If they get something from you, they will go=ive you something. Play the game of ”Give and Take”.

8. Create a Website

Having a website gives you the authority to come up as a more dominant person. If you have a website, you can get the live show offer even more.

In order to create a website, you need to buy a domain with your name and hosting. There are many blogs out there from where you can get knowledge about creating a website.

On the website, you can put all your work together and in the beginning, but a section for your bookings.

Learn some basic SEO and yes, you are ready.

9. Attend Music Festivals

The best thing in order to get along with other aspiring artists like you is to meet them personally. And you can find most of them during Music Festivals. Many aspiring music producers like to listen to their favorite artists.

You can join them along and can try to ask them for collaborations. Maybe you could find people who’ll be extremely talented and have some connections. Also, when you attending music festivals help you to keep your mind open and look for inspiration.

We all know how much being inspired is necessary in order to continue to work. So you must go out and start looking for people like you. Meet them, and choose a way to talk about their life goal.

Every person has their own goals and plans. if you lack in any step, maybe they can help.

10. Collaborate


At this point, you have your own social media page, you visit different venues and meet people physically and also through various forums and websites. The thing you have to do now just asks them for a collaboration.

Collaborating with each other each time is gonna expose you to their followers and you are increasing the number of listeners every time. Try to find people who have more followers than you and are genuine.

Using this technique, you are creating your own fan following and a community that will trust you on your upcoming songs.

11. Be Professional

Remember when you collaborate with other artists, you need to maintain a unique image in front of the audience. Be true to them with your content.

All your audience wants is your good songs. So when you have a community, you need to maintain the relationship. Be professional about your work. Upload your promised content on time, always remember to ask for feedback or try to interact with them in one or the other ways.

If you just keep the focus on collecting the followers without paying attention to them, sooner or later, those followers will be dead(In terms of engagement). You won’t get any type of help from them. And seriously, you don’t want that.

So remember to be punctual and keep up on your words. Whatever you are gonna say, you need to do it without fail.

12. Rule of Seven

Okay, now this is something different that you are going to learn from here. “THE RULE OF SEVEN”. So what does it mean?

Basically, the ‘rule of seven’ is an ideology that you are 7 connections away from the person like whom you want to become.

If you think, you are too far from the connections in the industry, or you can not get any connections from anywhere, just try to start from your family itself.

Within connecting the link of relations up to 7 people, you will get a contact of the person who could be a lead for you. So keep trying to expand your circle and look for opportunities.


In conclusion, I just want to tell you to follow your passion and go out of your comfort zone. If you’ll step out today, you’ll get to your destination tomorrow. Keep working hard and be positive. Always remember to find a pursuit of happiness.

Do you have any other music networking tips? Add them in the comment section below for others.

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