Best EDM Songs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Electronic Music



Today we are going to learn about Best EDM Songs. But they aren’t something that can be counted in fingers. There are just numerous Edm songs that are good in their ways. Since there is a lot to cover, I’m gonna present them to you according to some categories. But first:

Before beginning the list of top EDM songs, let us know what is EDM? The full form of EDM is electronic dance music. So simply it cannot be addressed as EDM music, as that will become Electronic Dance Music Music. EDM is defined as popular music intended for dancing in clubs, typically having repetitive beats and synthesized backing tracks.

EDM is not a genre, but it is actually the broad term used for genres like metal, techno, dubstep, house, etc. which were originated in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. I think if you want to learn more about what is EDM, please click the link below to read more about it.


There are numerous electronic music that will make you go crazy about it. Below I am listing some of them in a categorized way. Hope you find the one you like.

Top 5 Best EDM Songs Of All Time

Since the category is about Best Songs of all time, we all know, EDM started in the late 60s. So there are many worthy songs that I may not be able to cover because I am presenting to you the top five EDM songs of all times.

Ghosts And Stuff (By Deadmau5 feet rob Swire)

Well, this is that EDM song which is heard by everyone but didn’t know the name of. The most ghostly song of all time ghosts and stuff. Deadmau5 along with Rob Swire brought this amazing song to us as a gift. This song aged like a fine wine. The more we heard this song, the more it kept drilling into our hearts.

I took a Pill in Ibiza (By Mike Posner)

Well this song narrated by Mike Posner, gives an idea of how he is trying to impress Avicii by taking drugs backstage. It is a recently released song. But So What? It is catchy and a sad rhythmic looped song that hits differently and you all know, different is good.

Sun and Moon (By Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford)

The most beautifully composed song gives that deep emotional touch to the soul for which we can cry out loud. It’s a pure emotional track that tends to go the whole crowd to feel the joy in tears. If you are feeling emotional, go for this EDM music. This will surely connect you to your feelings.

Spaceman (Hardwell)

This iconic track was released in 2012 which later featured in many top charts. In the Billboard hot dance songs, Spaceman featured in the 19th spot. This is a track that gave Hardwell’s career a boost. During his tour ‘I am Hardwell’ the most requested song was Spaceman. It got tremendous love from his fans all across the globe.

Animals (Martin Garrix)

Although the list is of the top five best EDM songs of all time, it would be a crime not to include this track in this list. This is Martin Garrix’s first-ever song that introduced him to the world in his aura. Being the youngest producer, this was a surprise for the whole world and well, the song justifies being at the spot.

Top 5 Best EDM Songs 2020

We gave you the list of all-time favorite EDM songs. Now is the time we must cover the best electronic music released in 2020.

2020 is the year when in the world of music, there arrived an unwanted guest – Covid-19. Every physical place, venue, and live music industry went shut. Which left no places to release the tracks except online. This year many songs were released on YouTube, Spotify, etc. So we’re bringing you the Top five best EDM songs released in 2020.

End Of Times (By Alan Walker & Ahrix)

Let’s start the 2020 list with Alen Walker’s End Of Times track. The line “When things are right, then you just know. There is something in your eyes that brings me home” hits hard. This track gives a love-in-the-Air feel with awesome music. Listening to this track with the love of life, holding her hands together will give you the feel even deeper. It has a similar touch to Alan Walker’s other songs which makes it even more relatable.

Voices (By Brooks & KSHMR)

The collab for which many were waiting for. Brooks and KSHMR together brought this track as a surprise gift to their fans. The extra touch added by vocalist TZAR gives a different vibe to the song. The production style of this track is refreshing and something new to which we can Vibe.

Paradise (By Medusa ft. Dermot Kennedy)

This song makes me want to get in the car and drive somewhere far away. “There’s a 1000 miles between you and I” this line gives a sad feel. The vocal was given by Dermot Kennedy which beautifully fits the track. The song teaches us to learn from our mistakes. I recommend you just close your eyes, plug in the Headphone, and find paradise.

Detox (By Duke & Jones)

This track falls under the genre- Trap. The music is a roar from the beginning. Detox gives the undeniable stand-out experience in this most unique track. Besides the track sound, the visualizer too is unique. This gives the plus point to the people watching it on YouTube. And the drop slaps harder than the hit if to be true.

Mother Africa (By TroyBoi) [My Favorite Best EDM Song]

One of the most unique tracks in the jungle trap genre. Compiling the tribal instrument and a hard drop, Troyboi made this track a different hit. The vocals are from a Kenyan tribe called Samburu. And the song is about moran warriors. This EDM song is something different from the list but the best.

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Top 5 Indie Best EDM Songs

Whenever someone asks us about our favorite EDM Songs, definitely most of us will go with the big names like Skrillex, Hardwell, David Guetta, etc. But have you thought that there are also such artists who make good EDM Tracks but are unable to get a place in your heart because of less promotion and lack of a large pile of money? The list that I mentioned above is for the Songs that are best and famous. let’s talk about Electronic Dance Music that are not so famous.

Dec3mber & Desembra – The Way Home

HOLOW & Max Green – Chemicals

Jaguar Skills – Fly feat. WiDE AWAKE

Snakehips & MØ – Don’t Leave (Gryffin Remix)

Before I Go (ft. Leo Napier)


Well, there are many. To name some, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Marshmello, Diplo, Skrillex, Hardwell. Martin Garrix, Daft Punk, Deadmou5, and many more.

Some days ago, I introduced my friend to this exciting world of EDM. He liked it too much. Just think in the future about how many people will refer the Electronic Dance Music. So YES. EDM is still popular in 2020.

EDM has popularity all over the globe. Most of the EDM genres started from the UK. Then it came to the USA around the 1990s. Since then, it didn’t look back. But Today, EDM is most popular in Europe.

Initially, the OGs presented music that had originality. Then came the 2010s. New artists began to rise. Some were liked, others didn’t. The thing is that every producer has a different style of making music. Due to so many Artists making music in their different ways caused hate among their fans. EDM isn’t hated by anyone, It’s not loved by everyone.

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