7 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard for Pro Studio (2022)


Today, we brought you the Best 88-Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard with a detailed review and comparing other Midi Keyboards at the same price.

Basically, 88 Keys Midi Controller Keyboard is used in full-sized Professional Studios. In order to use it, there is a large space required. Musicians who are Piano players can use it with very much ease as they get the same feel as the Piano. Before entering the list of the best 88 keys midi controller keyboards, First, let’s get the knowledge about MIDI Controller.

Our Quick Top Picks

If you are in a Hurry, Here I’m mentioning our Top 3 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard. These are our top pics. You can directly go for them as they are the best in the range and provide the best value for money.

1. Studiologic SL88 Studio Keyboard – (Our Best Choice)

2. M Audio Hammer – (Our Second Best Choice)

3. Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 – (3rd Best Choice)

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What is Midi Controller?

The full form of MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. So basically, it is an instrument that transfers the data into already MIDI-enabled devices to produce sounds in a controlled parameter. This is how music is made using MIDI Keyboard.

Unlike Piano or Digital Keyboards, MIDI Controllers do not have any sound of their own. Whenever a person presses any key of MIDI Keyboard, data released from it and passes through the Software which produces the music. The Synthesizer produces Music that gets amplified through the Studio Monitors.

Using Piano, we can only produce a single type of sound that it already has of its own. But with the help of MIDI Keyboard, there is no limit to variations in the sound. It all depends on the Synthesizers and how you want your music to sound.

Why To Choose 88-Keys MIDI Controler Keyboard?

I know you may have the question in your mind that if there are already 49 and 61 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards in the market, why should I go for the 88 Key Midi Keyboard. But trust me, While there is a lot you can do with the 49 and 61 Key MIDI-Controller, 88 Key MIDI is for the Pro Players. Only professional Piano players know how does it feel to have a 88 Key MIDI Controller Keyboard in their Studio.

88 Key MIDI Controller is for the Musicians who are serious about their profession and want to purchase the same for their Studio.

If to be honest, it is not at all possible to find all the features in a single 88 Key MIDI Controller. Every product has its own Specifications, Qualities, and Features. So we will be trying our best to provide you with the very details of each keyboard we are presenting here.

One of the main benefits of using 88 Key MIDI Controller Keyboard, is that if you are a piano player, you can unleash your ability to play like a player up to the Seven Full Octaves. And as you all know, Making music is not a work you do but a work you Love.

Things to consider before buying the best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard?

Before purchasing anything, we should have the proper knowledge about the product and what are the things to be kept in mind before buying it. Below I am presenting you some of the important features to consider before buying the MIDI Controller Keyboard.

1. Keys

As I mentioned earlier, there are various MIDI Keyboards containing different numbers of keys. Generally, MIDI Keyboards are of 25, 49, 61, or 88 keys.

Most of the beginners prefer the 25 or 49 keys MIDI Keyboard as they use it for only producing sound. whereas the 61 or 88 Key MIDI Keyboard is used by professional music producers who own studios or knows how to play Piano. Also, this keyboard is preferable to the upcoming Music Producers who are serious about their profession.

2. Weighted Keys

Generally, in the weighted keyboard keys, there are small hammer-like pieces made from wood which is placed under every key. This gives the keys a hammered-like feel and a swift response to the action.

  • The keyboard fall under the lower variant does not provide any weighted keys at all.
  • The keyboard that falls under mid-variant, has the keys hammered with the spring.
  • And in the last, Upper Varient Keyboards Provide the Weighted Keys.

3. Control Buttons

These are the buttons that are present on the top of the MIDI Keyboard. The buttons are “Play, Pause, Stop or Play”. They help as shortcut buttons that we can use without the help of a Computer. Due to this feature, the workflow increases.

4. Aftertouch

Most of the MIDI Keyboards do not provide Aftertouch. It is only present on the Upper Variant Keyboards. Aftertouch works by sending the data from the MIDI Keys after pressing it to the software we are using. Using this feature, you can use the MIDI in more dynamic ways. Aftertouch gives extra controls to your keyboard. And you can make music in even more different ways. And aftertouch is important if you are finding the best 88 keys midi controller for yourself.

5. Conectivity

Most of the MIDI Keyboards have the connection option via USB cable into the Laptop or PCs. If there would have been Bluetooth connectivity for the connection, It would have become very easy, but that era has time. So if you are looking for MIDI Keyboards, make sure they must have the USB connectivity option.

Some of them also have Ins and Outs for additional MIDI instruments and devices.

6. Zones

Suppose you want your Left part of the keyboard to play bass with reverb and the rest of the keys to sound as they are. There are some products that have this feature called “Zones”. It basically helps you to set the different parts of the keyboard in different settings.

Top 7 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard

Enough of giving the knowledge about the Midi Keyboards. Let’s dive into the list of Top 7 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard

MIDI Controller KeyboardWeightOther ControllersType of KeysBuy on Amazon
Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk229.1 lbs.Pitchbend, Mod Wheel, Touch Strip ControllerFully-weighted, Fatar KeybedCHECK PRICE
M Audio Hammer38.5 lbs.Pitchbend, Mod WheelWeighted Hammer ActionCHECK PRICE
Artura Keylab 88
32.4 lbs
Pitchbend, Mod WheelWeighted, Fatar TP/100LR KeybedCHECK PRICE
The Studiologic SL88 Studio Keyboard
30.2 lbs
3 x programmable toggle sticksWeighted Fatar TP/100LR hammer actionCHECK PRICE
Kawai VPC1 Virtual
65 lbs
NARM3II Wooden-key, Graded-hammer ActionCHECK PRICE
Nectar Impact LX 88+18.0 lbsPitchbend, Mod WheelSemi-weightedCHECK PRICE
M-Audio Keystation 8813.75 lbsPitchbend, Mod WheelSemi-weighted, Full-sizedCHECK PRICE
Top 7 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard

Top 7 Best 88 Keys MIDI Controller Keyboard

Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2

best 88 keys midi controller
Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2

The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 is the latest member of the Native Kompetes family. This MIDI Controller has keys that are fully hammered. which will help you to get the quality sound.

For the adjustment of the EQ, there is a built-in sound controller button. Because of this, you don’t have to adjust the setting of your DAW every time to make adjustments.

Music Producers who use a variety of sequencing software, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 is the best choice for them. But, there may be a little trouble for the producers who use less powerful hardware as the MIDI requires a high amount of power for the connectivity. Because of this, Often people do complain about the same issue without reading the guide thoroughly.


  • Software bundles and instrument packages are provided with the MIDI controller.
  • It has fully weighted keys that feel like it’s something.
  • Loaded with tons of features in compared to other controllers that are in the rival list.


  • The Controller is so powerful that it needs hardware that should have a high capacity.
  • Due to additional digital features, it feels less like a Piano that will affect Piano players.

My Review

Talking about the appearance of the MIDI, It’s the best. It also has got distinctive features from others. P will recommend this to the producers who have a good connection with the piano as it’s going to give you the feel of the home.

Also, one more thing to add, People who own a Laptop or Mac, need to upgrade their accessories as this MIDI is gonna need a machine more powerful than that.

M Audio Hammer

best 88 key midi controller
M Audio Hammer

Next on the list is M Audio Hammer. Only a few years have been passed, but this MIDI has already developed massive talks in the Music Producers community. As we can see that the keys are hammer-actioned, but lack in the Aftertouch department.

As the name mentions, All the 88 keys have the hammer action which also is going to give you the same feel like the piano. well, adding to the features, you can use 3 pedals with M Audio Hammer; sustain, soft, and expression

M Audio Hammer may not be suitable for those who like to be technical as the pads and zones are not provided on this keyboard. Whereas, if you perform in different venues and styles, it will suit you very well as it can sound like a real piano by changing some of the virtual settings.


  • Hammer actioned keyboard. fully weighted keys really give a good feel.
  • Inbuilt Music sheet stand which gives the real feel of Piano.
  • Expressive performance can be given because of Pitch Shift and Modulation wheels.


  • Pads and Zones features are not available in this MIDI Controller Keyboard.
  • If we hear the sayings of some of the previous MIDI Customers, they say that the weight of the keys are heavy by 38.5 lbs
  • The weight might not affect some people but for some, it’s a drawback.

My Reviews

As I said before, this product also has the features like 88 velocity-sensitive hammer-action weighted keys but not the pads. So if you are interested in the pads and zones, probably you should not go with this product.

But if you are the one who wants to get the feel of piano in his studio, I will recommend them, M Audio Hammer. And also one of the main highlights of this product is its weight.

So if you travel a lot and play music in a variety of venues, this might be the best option for you as this is very compatible for traveling. It is one of the best 88 keys midi controllers on the list.

Artura Keylab 88

best 88 key midi controller
Artura Keylab 88

Premium-looking MIDI Controller with hammered action keyboard gives the full access to show the artist inside our mind. Analog lab contains more than 5000 different synth sounds.

Presets which are provided inbuilt are fast in different ways. BY Instruments, By type (which includes-Bass, Pads,), by Characteristics (long, bright, dark …).

M Audio Hammer is a fully 88 key MIDI Controller Keyboard that is loaded with awesome features with the build quality that is also Top-Notched.


  • The structure and physical overview feel solid and smart.
  • Has less cost than other MIDI in the same featured variant.
  • The bundled software which s provided with the product is quite good.


  • People who like to do on-board editing might not be very happy with the system.
  • They may find it something fiddly.

My Reviews

In the previous variants of Artura Keylab 88, there were some drawbacks given by its customers. Keylab 88 did listen to them and worked on that.

This model is another option for musicians who are serious about their music profession. If you are looking for an 88-key MIDI-Controller, who stops you from buying this?

The Studiologic SL88 Studio Keyboard

best 88 key midi controller
The Studiologic SL88 Studio Keyboard

The point at which this keyboard is at the top is its weight. Putting all the 88 keys (also hammered) in a row and with so lightweight is something that needs to be appreciated.

People who had the opportunity to experiece The Studiologic SL88 Studio Keyboard, says “they did not encountered any glitches in the system, changing settings otherwise.


  • Built quality and the feel while touch is remarkable.
  • Control panels on Studiologic SL88 are super responsive.


  • It’s really difficult to find any drawbacks at the price they have tagged.
  • The only drawback is one should get used to the feel of the Keyboard.

My Reviews

The Studiologic SL88 Studio Controller is the best choice for the musicians who are looking for the studio midi controller in their budget.

the response of the keys, that are flexible, is quite good. And also did I mentioned the hammered key. That should be given extra credits. So in my opinion, this MIDI Controller is the best for those who want to start their new professional studios.

Kawai VPC1 Virtual

Kawai VPC1 Virtual

A MIDI Controler that has the ability to give a pianist feel of the Grand Piano itself. I like this keyboard because of its heavy feel. keybeds of the Kawai VPC Virtual MIDI Cotroller are slightly small in compared to the newer Kawai action.

The left of the simulation is wonderful where you can play the repeated notes easily in Kawai CPC1. There is a curve at the top of the unit. Whenever you put anything on that unit, it slides down. Technically it’s correct, but in practice, the idea is looser.

As I said earlier about having a small keybed, due to this, the gaps between white and black keys are not consistent throughout the keyboard.


  • Kawai VPC1 Virtual does not have any extra fancy features that are unnecessarily given in other MIDI Controllers
  • If you are using any other controller, and you have set your hands there, wait till you meet this Attractive piece.
  • Has really nice tactile feel and did I mention, It’s best for the piano players?


  • The main drawback is the Weight of the Controller.
  • Not suitable for Mobile use frequently.
  • Lac of features (Can also be counted as a Drawback)

My Reviews

The musicians who first want to feel the touch of a Piano and do not have anything to do with the technical part can surely go for this model. But people who are music producers and who have all the technical knowledge about software, might not like it.

I do not recommend Kawai VPC1 Virtual to the Music producers. But people who are going to use it as a piano, are surely gonna love the feel of it. So according to me, this model has its preferred audience.

It may not be the best 88 keys midi controller, but it is good for some preferred buyers

Nectar Impact LX 88+

Nectar Impact LX 88+

A Semi-Weighted MIDI Controller Keyboard that isn’t fully hammered. Nectar Impact LX 88+ is very easy to operate. Simply plug with any DAW you use, and play however you want.

It includes Dedicated instrument and mixe buttons for controlling the pre-map on the mixer settings like pan, mute, and level.

In the Nectar Impact LX 88+, Three new buttons have been added. also, it provides 16 assignments in total. Excluding the number of features, this MIDI comes out to be weighted at 39.6 lbs which is very helpul in the mobile use. Musicians can use for their tour plays.


  • Works in very deep functions with every DAW.
  • Dynamic functions are already programmed.
  • The MIDI Controller is light weighted and trimmed which will help musicians for a tour.


  • Inbuilt support which is given for Ableton is limited to some extent.
  • With the pack of Nector Impact LX 88+, there is no software editor provided within.

My Reviews

The Nectar Impact LX 88+ comes with a key differentiator with MIDI Controller That helps to map dynamics to your software. For that, you require no knowledge of engineering or any technique.

With the low budget, the controller at a remarkable position which gives a real feeling of a Nektar Keyboard rather than any standard MIDI Controller.

M-Audio Keystation 88

M-Audio Keystation 88
M-Audio Keystation 88

The M-Audi Keystation is again A Semi-Weighted MIDI Controller Keyboard that isn’t fully hammered. Basically, this MIDI Controller was made keeping in mind the idea that learners should have an easy time while using the keyboard.

The features of M-Audio Keystation are not given HI-FI because they wanted to give their customers a proper instrument to get the knowledge from it, without making things complicated.

The misconception of the company about making the product only for students just for the purpose of learning left them behind in the queue. But sometimes what people want to find and like is Simplicity. That is Important.


  • Includes inbuilt Ableton Live program that allows you to record, remix, and edit your voice whenever you need.
  • Has 4 dynamic audio components. Each for different use.
  • M-Audio Keystation is modified with lots of musical knowledge.


  • The keys are not hammered.
  • Springs are used underneath the keybed.
  • USB Port with the keyboard is too short.
  • The feel of grand Piano is lacking on M-Audi Keystation.

My Reviews

I will recommend this MIDI Controller to the musicians who made a breakthrough in their career as Music Producer. This keyboard has all the functions you will need as a beginner.

As I said earlier, the feel of this MIDI Controller is not the same as Piano. And also the keyboard is of no use if you travel a lot and play music in a variety of venues.

So my point is if you are looking for the 88-key MIDI Controller and you are a beginner in the field, you can go for it with the closed eyes. It has various features that you can work with. But if you are a professional, I better not recommend it to you.

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In conclusion, I want to write that if you want to buy anything, look for the Best 88 key MIDI Controller Keyboard that suits your style. above, I have presented various options and gave the information on which product is suitable to whom. Different people have different opinions. I just want to say follow your heart and GO FOR IT.

Which MIDI controller has the best keys?

Every musician has some requirements which can’t be fulfilled by each MIDI Keyboard. There need the keys to flow with their hands. And MIDI Controller should give this to every musicians.
According to me, M-Audio Hammer 88 is one of the following keyboard, that has good quality keys.

How long is an 88-key MIDI controller?

Generally, the average lengteh of any midi controller keyboard is around 126 cm. They are used in big production studios, but also if you are a piano player, this 88 key midi can be used.

Do I need 88 keys?

Well not until you want to up your game by thinking of growing the scale of your music. Although if you are a piano player, you can buy it.Tthey going to give you the same feel.
But if you are a beginner, and starting your career as a music producer, you may not wanna go for these big spacy MIDI controller keyboards. Instead you can opt for 25 or 39 key MIDI. They will suit the beginners in a best way.

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