How to write a song for the first time (Without any experience)


How to write a hit song as a beginner

Hello and welcome. If you are looking for a way to write a hit song like others, or want to know what is the ideal procedure to write a superhit song as others do, I’m sorry. You are not going to get that here. You cannot copy others’ way and start writing the same type of songs. The main procedure of writing a hit song is that that song should be unique. A hit song depends on the writer himself. But there are a few things that are needed to be considered before starting to write a song. Those factors may help you come up with a unique way to write a song.

Here you are going to learn about a method that I use to write my songs. And the procedure really helps me to write a song that is quite loved by all. Because sometimes, knowing a different technique may lead you to a new and different kind. And this method will surely help you write a song that you’ll love yourself. Because I do so, and the result comes out to be good.

So without wasting any more time, let’s jump to the steps.

Step 1 – Listen to Others songs

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See. Many a time I record the humming rhythm whenever it clicks to my head. That helps me to always keep a melody in my pocket. So that I can use it later whenever I’m looking for inspiration. But there also are such times when I need something new and on the instant. So in order to get a quick and unique music idea, I always listen to other artists’ songs. Be it of any genre.

Now why I do this, is because Listening to different kinds of music helps me to overcome the artist block that sometimes happens with everybody, And with that Artist block, It becomes very difficult to think of a new rhythm. So listening to other artists help me with various types of rhythm in my head. While continuing to listen to the songs, I simultaneously create my own unique rhythm. This rhythm can be a chorus or a drop or maybe the intro. Wherever it fits, I place it there.

Now some of you might have the questions in your mind that if I make songs while listening to others at the same time, then there are the chances of creating a song that may sound similar to them. So in response to that, I will say, I’m not telling you to copy the tune from those songs. While listening to them from your heart, you have to hummn with it. At some point, you will improvise that song with your own tune on your mind. now what you have to do is GO WITH THE FLOW. Let the song play in the background, you have to focus on the tune you are singing. And Voila! you got your own rhythm.

So In a Nutshell, while listening to the other artists’ songs, There will be a time when you will hit a beat or tune. You have to catch that. The hit could be even of a tuning fork. But you’ll get a hit for sure. And you have to wait for that moment. Once you got that rhythm, It’s finished.

The other benefit of listening to other artists’ songs is that from there, you can also get the inspiration for the story of the video for your music. And in the upcoming process, this is the main part that will be needed. Now, this is the time for the next procedure.

Step 2 – Modify the tune

You’ve got the catchy tune. Now is the time you should upgrade it to the full-fledged song. With the tune you have, You need to decide the type of music you want to make. Whether it’s should be a Soft romantic, soothing type, or an angry heartbreak type. It all depends on you and the story which you have in your mind. As you decided the type, now is the time to get any instrument on your hand which makes you feel comfortable. if you don’t have any, there’s no problem.

Actually, the thing is, with the help of an instrument, you can create a feel in the surrounding. That will help you become more comfortable and will take you deeper into the process of creating a melody. But if you don’t have any instruments, you need to feel the rhythm. Cause ultimately, The feel is what going to make your song beautiful. Remember, you have to modify the tune that you’ve made into a proper Full Song Format. Just the tune. Don’t focus on the lyrics now. We will come to that point. Also below I have given the ideal format of the song. So read the full article to understand how to write a song with the complete details.

Step 3 – Record the rough tune adding rhythm

The tune that you’ve picked, convert it to the whole format as I said above. Now you have to record the whole format from start to end. But just vocals. Not the lyrics. It will be a rough record. Add a beat to it so you can get the speed of the song according to the taste of the song. You can record the body of the song by just humming it or you can sing the rough lyrics.

As you will record the whole format roughly, At this point, you will have a complete song structure ready. Now is the time we can move further to the next step.

Step 4 – Write the lyrics

how to write a song

You have the full-body structure of the song ready with you. Now you have to add the Lyrics to it. In order to write a song, you need to break down the whole body of a song into the following parts and write the lyrics accordingly. So let’s jump to the part where I will teach you how to write the lyrics of a song that should be loved by everyone.

Step 5 – Visualize

We have come to the part where we are going to learn about the topic of this blog is. This is the step where I write lyrics. As we followed the steps given above, this part becomes easy. Now, remember the thing I said before. Yes. about Keeping an eye on videos too. By doing that, we get an image of how our song could look. What could be the story? Of course, it should be unique. For that, you need to have artistic eyes and imagination. But guess what, If you have decided to write a song, that itself is the first step of proving yourself as an artist. So by the time, you should have definitely got a story on your head. Let’s move further and learn what to do with the story we made.

Step 6 – Break the story and write down

The Story that you created while watching the video or even if you already had one, now we have to break it into the format and write it down properly. Make sure that the line should have significant rhyming words at last. Because rhyming is about what the music is. You have the whole tune of the song and full story ready with you. Now is the time we need to break that story according to the format we created. You all know the format of the song. Right? If not, Wait… I’m here.

I am giving you the basic format of the song. According to this, you have to structure your song.

Step 7 – Format of a Song


So basically Intro is the starting part of a song from where your song is introduced to its Listeners. It can start with anything. It can be an instrument, you can also start with the vocals or you can put a choir in the beginning. Again that all depends on your taste and talent. How do you want your song to gain attention from the beginning itself?

So you have to write according to that. Start with Vocals in the beginning and then the instrument. Following, you can start a song with the lyrics after some beats. The music, in the beginning, will help to define the mood of your song. So accordingly you have to choose the intro.


The verse is a part where your Listeners will find out about the beginning of the story of your song. This is from where the lyrical part will start. You will add the lyrics to your song from here. The story that you had in your mind, break the intro of that in such a way that it should fill in with the beats and rhythm of the song. The verse of the song can be recurring too.

That means you can use a single line twice or the whole two lines of the verse in repeat. However it fits, you have to place it. For reference, you can take notes from other songs. How they start verse part. Because this is the main part of the song where the story starts. And you don’t want people to miss the beginning and judge you from the start itself.

Pre- Chorus

The pre-chorus is a part of the song which basically gives a buildup to the chorus. Most of the time, it is opted out by the artists. They directly go to the Chorus part. So the Pre-Chorus is pretty optional. If you have something different in your mind, you can add this part. If you don’t want to add anything extra that could lead to harm the rhythm of your song, don’t add it. Usually, as a beginner, I won’t recommend you to touch this part.


Here comes the main part of the song, the Main life of the whole song. CHORUS. It is a point where the mainline from your song comes in a repetitive(optional) way. You have to choose a chorus that should sound catchy. Because this is the part that is going to be remembered and sung by millennials after hearing your song for the first time. Chorus can also be sometimes used as the hook of the song. Where Verse and Pre-Chorus create a build-up for the hook. So you can change accordingly.

Verse 2

Verse 2 is the second stanza that continues the story. Here the music subsides and becomes slow. You need to bring the instrumental sound down in this part because, in Verse 2, you are narrating the further story. That should be different from the first part. And if you will be making Verse 3 too, you can there use the same music. But here, you have to become slow and define your story in a more intrigued way.

Well, there are options where you can use the same music here in the second verse as you’ve used in the first if you like. But in my opinion, if you want your song to be different, you definitely need to change the verse. Because that brings Uniqueness. And these days, many artists go for this option. Using the same tune on both the verses sounds boring and it feels like you’ve put less effort to create a song. So use different types of tunes on both verses.


As the name says itself, it works in the process of joining the verse to the chorus. The bridge creates a build-up for the next part, that is, Chorus. As you started the second verse slow, from here, You have to start a build-up for the Chorus. So basically, Bridge is a part that fills the gap between Verse and Chorus.

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Again we came back to the Chorus part. But this is Chorus 2. This will be the same as the first one. So there are 2 options. Either you can use the Same Chorus here also or if need to change the style, you can add the drop here instead of adding the Chorus. This will make your song unique and more catchy to the party lovers. But if you are making a soothing love song, Second Chorus is the best option.

So you are ready with the format of the song. and also by breaking the whole song into its part, it becomes easier to write down the lyrics of the song with the story you have in your mind.


The outro is a part where your song ends. And you try to give listeners the best feel of the song that will last forever. So keep in mind that in this section, you have to be slow and the music should have a little bassy theme. Because bass enters deep down the heart and remains for long period in people’s minds.

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Things to Remember While Writing a Song.

  • Always write a song from your heart.
  • Don’t overthink while writing.
  • Always take reference from the real world. This makes writing easier.
  • Write only when you feel to do so. Don’t push yourself.
  • If you feel like you can’t do it, remember, it’s the situation that’s saying, not you.
  • If developed an artists’ block, Take around outside. Think about something else.
  • Always remember, you can do this. Your song will be great.
  • Because you will tell the story that is going to be new and will be said by you.
  • Your story will be heard by many, so write according to that.


Remember, Every part of the song-making is important. From writing a simple melody to preparing the structure of the song to write the lyrics. So you have to think and write it carefully. Because in future, this song is going to be heard by many people. And when they will hear it, your song is gonna be judged. So write according to that.

Also, as I gave you the format and process to write the song, remember, everyone has their own unique way to write songs. There is no perfect procedure written in the book that you have to follow. The only rule you have to follow is to listen to your heart. Rest everything will become easy. Writing down with the process I’ve provided will open up the ideas for you to write in a unique way.

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How to write a song from the heart?

If you want any song to come straight from your heart, the first and the most important thing that you are required to do is think from your heart. Make sure you have a clear thought and mood is musically active.

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