How To Convert MP3 to MIDI: Easy Guide on Converting MP3 To MIDI


It doesn’t matter if you are just a music producer who has his own home studio, or a professional who owns a professional recording studio, the ability to convert MP3 to MIDI audio is something that recording artists actually rely on. And having the knowledge of the same helps to make the life of us musicians so much easier.

Suppose you are an artist or a musician, who is terrible at playing piano, but want to know the process of layering any organ or piano line over to the piece of music that you’ve created using your guitar and laptop from your home, the conversion process from mp3 to MIDI will seem to be easy.

There are selected programs that allow you to convert mp3 to MIDI, but only a few of them provide you the freedom to actually hit the process of editing.

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Converting an MP3 to MIDI file is not an easy task that can be done in a snap. You are required to have a lot of practice and knowledge in order to do so. The converted MIDI file diverges from the primary sound but is very comparable to the original music.

In this blog, you are going to learn about the process of how you can convert MP3 to MIDI on different softwares. Also, we will answer about what is MIDI audio and what is MP3 audio, and other important things that will help you learn a lot about MP3 as well as MIDI audio formats.

So make sure you go through each topic and read everything thoroughly. Without wasting any time, let’s go to the blog – How to Convert MP3 To MIDIe.

What is MP3 Audio?

MP3(also said as MPEG audio file) is a digitally coded audio format. Most of the part is developed by the Fraunhofer Society in Germany.

One of the most popular music formats on the internet is MP3. The actual music performance data is stored in the MP3 file. You can play the music directly from your computer’s sound card or any other device. The technology called MPEG Audio Layer 3, is utilized in the mp3 audio format.

What is MIDI Audio?

The full form of MIDI is Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a technology standard format that allows electronic musical instruments to communicate among one another and also with another computer.

It is a standard protocol that helps interchange musical information among musical instruments. If you see, a MIDI file can not be called an audio recording. as it’s like a set of instructions. If we take an example, for pitch or tempo – a thousand times less disk space will be used than the equivalent recorded audio.

What is the difference between audio and MIDI?

As we know, MP3 audio is the most famous and used audio format that is used across the globe. Whereas, MIDI is one of the most versatile and very useful formats of the modern world.

When we talk about MP3, they are digitally encoded file formats for audio files. They are based on the MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III. The MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG).

MIDI was invented in the early 1980s. When released, it became a hugely popular audio format that also caused a misunderstanding among many users. MIDI is one of the most misunderstood technical innovations in the history of music history.

If you are confused, about what to use, MP3 audio or MIDI audio format, Let’s take out this confusion of yours.

“Audio recording is something that that captures the sound directly from the actual performance”


“MIDI recording or ‘sequencing’ is what captures the actual notes of the performance”

Why you Need To convert MP3 to MIDI?

Well, there are many reasons that will help you decide why you should convert audio MP3 to MIDI. Below I’m listing some of the advantages of using a MIDI format rather than an MP3.

  • File size are smaller when compared to others.
  • The audio can be changed to whatever you need.
  • Any effects can be added to the instrument.
  • While editing the sound file, you won’t encounter any background noise.
  • The final and the biggest benifit of using a MIDI is thart you can create any type of music and that too, without the help of any musicians.

Well, with the MP3 format, you won’t be able to get the benefits of such advantages. So yes conversion of MP3 to MIDI is important in order to do the things given above.

Online MP3 to MIDI Converters

There are many chances that you may not be having any DAW software, or simply if you have one, you might not want to convert it yourself. In such situations, a fast and easy method could be very useful. I would suggest you BEAR AUDIO TOOL as one of the decent online MP3 to MIDI converters.

There are various online MP3 to MIDI converters that you can choose. The benefit of using the online MP3 to MIDI converters is that you don’t have to do a lot of hard work. But do you know, any service that makes a difficult work easy definitely has flaws in it? And so do the online MP3 to MIDI converters.

Those converters you get online could be of some help converting the simple melodies, but when it comes to a complicated one, the result won’t be that satisfying. So in order to convert MP3 to MIDI in great quality, you will require a MIDI editor or any DAW software.

Best Free MP3 to MIDI Converter Tools

If you fall under the category where you want to convert your MP3 to MIDI audio format, but don’t have enough budget to go for the costly DAW software, here’s for you.

There are many softwares that you can get for free downloads and also use them to convert your audio format from MP3 to MIDI. Converting them with the help of these softwares isn’t only simple, but also is extremely easy to use. So let’s start with some names.

1. Audacity

Audacity is a legendary free DAW software and audio editor. Music producers or singers who are new in the field of production, and without a big budget, go for this option. That tells us, how effective this software would be. Audacity has all kinds of features that you will need or say require to convert any MP3 to MIDI in simple steps.

2. Intelliscore

This is the best option for the purpose of converting any MP3 to MIDI format. Intelliscore is a very specialized software that has the capabilities to convert not just MP3, but any type of music file to MIDI. And the process is so simple that you won’t be required to give it all of your precious time. It also can convert multi-instrument MP3 files with accuracy at its best.

How to convert MP3 to MIDI in Ableton Live


Ableton Live is one of the most popular and widely used DAW software. With all the other important features you get on this huge software, there also is an option to convert MP3 to MIDI using simple steps.

Here’s the step to convert MP3 to MIDI in Ableton Live:

  1. Right click on the track
  2. Select “Convert Harmony to new MIDI track”
  3. You will get a precise MIDI file in a couple of moment

If your track file has only a single notes melody line, you can select the option “Convert Melody…” Rather than going for “Convert Harmony….”. This will give you an even more precise MIDI file.

How to convert MP3 to MIDI in Logic Pro


Logic PRO is a lot more than just a simple MP3 to MIDI file converter. This is the most popular DAW software that you’ll find. If you’re been following your favorite music producer or others for that matter. you’ll find out one thing in common is Logic Pro X.

Talking about the functions, this software is extremely powerful and fully functional. Also, some say that this is the more powerful version of a Garageband.

By looking at the popularity itself you must have already known how perfect this DAW software would be. Logic is the best value for money product you’ll get in the market.

Here’s the step to convert MP3 to MIDI in Logic PRO:

  1. Select the MP3 file
  2. Activate the Flex Pitch Function
  3. Select ‘Create MIDI track”

You will get your MIDI file converted from the MP3. The process is very simple, but the quality you’ll get will be 100% accurate.

How to convert MP3 to MIDI in FL Studio


If you are in the field of the music industry and want to be a music producer, there’s no need to introduce you to this DAW software. FL Studio is one of the most famous and favorite to many.

Every other artist must have used it in their beginning phase and they get attached to it so much that they pursue it to their career.

With a very clean UI and a simple informative interface, you get everything that you need to create pro music in it.

The steps to convert MP3 to MIDI are very simple.

Here’s the step to convert MP3 to MIDI in FL Studio:

  1. Import your desired music file
  2. Click on “Edit Simple’
  3. Edison- An audio editing and recording tool will open
  4. Click on “Tools”
  5. Select “Convert to Score”

This is how you will get your converted MP3 to MIDI file on FL Studio.

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If You Want To Mix Your Music Like Professionals,
You Have To Learn From Professionals And We Have Made It EASY For You.​

How to convert MP3 to MIDI in Cubase

Using Cubase in order to convert MP3 to MIDI, the process of conversion is slightly different than other DAW softwares. When Cubase launched the VariAudio feature on Cubase 5, a welcome addition was included to the already successful package.

The Cubase is very simple to use and also is worth bearing in mind that you’ll get a perfect converted file from MP3 to MIDI. But, the feature is only available on the Pro version of the Cubase. Having the elements of the Cubase won’t be of any use in the conversion option.

Here’s the step to convert MP3 to MIDI in Cubase:

  1. Select your audio file
  2. Double click to open the sampler edition
  3. Click on the VariAudio tab
  4. Select the option “Pitch and Warp”
  5. Select the track again
  6. Click on the “Function”
  7. Extract MIDI. (You will see a Pop-up window where you are required to select an extraction mode)
  8. Click on “Notes and Static Pitchbend Data” OR “Just Notes and No Pitchbend Data”
  9. You will get your MIDI on the window

This is how you are needed to convert any file from MP3 to MIDI using Cubase

How to convert MP3 to MIDI in Cakewalk Sonar

Sonar is yet another great recording as well as editing software that allows you to convert any file from MP3 to MIDI using simple steps.

You are going to get the best result when you will use a microphonic signal such as bass or guitar, but the good point here is that you can also use separate drums and can change them as per your likings.

Below are the quick steps on how you convert any file from MP3 to MIDI using Cubase.

  1. Insert the audio
  2. Load your selected program
  3. You will see the new track
  4. Drag and drop your audio to the new track
  5. Guess what? Your file has been convert from MP3 to MIDI.

So easy right? Well yes. There are many ways to convert any file using different software and platforms. So if you have any files for the conversion and looking for the way, just don’t panic, The process is really simple. And also you will get this done online.

Types of MIDI Conversion

If we look at the types of MIDI conversions, there will be numerous, and they all can be classified on the basis of different criteria. In this article, we are going to learn only about the audio-to-MIDI conversion.

We will cover only three of many types of MIDI converters. They will be – Melody, Harmony, and Drums. So let’s get to the topic.

1. Melody

The Melody transcribes the main melody or a top-line of an audio file(MP3) to a MIDI file. Basically, the melody is converted in this section. That melody could be of any instrument or even it can also be vocals.

2. Harmony

This conversion is the process of converting any harmony of the track into a MIDI audio file. The audio may be of any keyboard, pad, guitars, or backing vocals.

3. Drums

The final one and one of the most used ones is Drum conversion. Using this tool, you can easily import the drumline from the track, modify the beats, strokes, etc. according to your suitability and likings, if required.

How Accurate is MP3 to MIDI?

You got various ways through which you can convert any file from MP3 to MIDI using any DAW software, or Online, using simple steps. But there always will be one question in mind while going through the process, What will be the accuracy of the conversion from MP3 to MIDI?

Well, if to be true, the conversions are never 100% accurate. It doesn’t matter which way you choose, getting a perfect accurate conversion is impossible. Also, while doing so, things could become messy sometimes, especially if our music is a little bit complex.

After getting the result, there will be some notes, that you’ll find strange or foo-timing. That’s due to not being perfectly converted. If you want to get a more accurate conversion, you will be required to do a lot of chopping and changing on the MIDI file even afterward.

Now you will ask, then why use a converter? Although you don’t get a perfect conversion, you save plenty of your time, as you get a MIDI baseline. And you have to just do the finishing in the later part.


It’s great to know that there are so many options through which, you can convert your file from MP3 to MIDI without doing too much hustle. You won’t be required to have too much knowledge about the software that you’ll use. Also, there’s no need to go to the professional in order to make this workout.

There are various free options and also online ways available that can save your precious time, and you can focus on something else with the rest of your free time. Just remember, you still need to do some extra choppings after the conversion of MP3 to MIDI or Audio to MIDI as they are not 100% accurate.


How do I convert an audio file to MIDI?

There are different ways through which, you can convert your audio file to MIDI using some DAW software with simple steps. Also, online MP3 to MIDI converters are available if you are looking for a way to convert MP3 to MIDI online.
In this article, there are given many ways to use different software and tools that can help you in the conversion. So make sure to read the full blog thoroughly to find your suitable option.

Is there a Program that converts Audio to MIDI?

There isn’t anyone program that converts Audio to MIDI, but many. In the blog, you will be shown how you can convert your audio file to MIDI using different ways in easy steps.
So YES, There is a Program that converts Audio to MIDI.

Is MIDI Analog or Digital?

MIDI does not record Analog or Digital sound waves either. It encodes the keyboard functions. The functions include – the start of the note, its pitch, length, volume, and other musical attributes.
So the answer is MIDI is neither Analog nor Digital.

Mixology - A Complete Guide for Professional Mixing


If You Want To Mix Your Music Like Professionals,
You Have To Learn From Professionals And We Have Made It EASY For You.​

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