5 Proven Ways to Overcome Creative Block


How to overcome creative block – Just before when I was about to write my next blog, I went blank. I was left with no idea what topic should I write about. I took various topics and wrote the scratch, but the mind was blank. As I was unable to think, various negative thoughts started to fill in my mind. That had never happen to me before. I was getting frustrated every time while writing.

Sometimes I use to finish 2-3 paragraphs, but again after that, I had no plans for what will come next. I thought of looking about it in the web and found out the thing I was facing was Creative Block. So as going through the creator’s block, and coming out of that myself, I thought of sharing the ways to overcome creative block that might help you in the same way, it helped me.

What is Creative Block?

Creative Block is a mental problem that blocks the creative way of thinking. The focus level gets down and you feel distracted all the time. Here’s how you’ll feel majorly if you are going through Creative Block:

  • Distracted from the work
  • No new ideas popping in the head
  • Insecure about future
  • All the ways will look shut

In short, you will feel like you have no talent and will regret choosing the field. But trust me, it’s not the talent you are lacking, but it’s the process of thinking. In a creator’s block, the way of think changes and that can lead to low confidence.

Causes of Creative block

Creative block can be caused by various reasons. That reason could be in your house, your office, or anywhere else you often spend your time. Let’s take a look at the reasons that cause a creative block in an artists’ mind:

Lack in Confidence

how to overcome creative block

Sometimes after seeing or observing someone, who has extra skills than you, and the very next person is your competition in life, chances are that you may feel less confident in front of him.

Now, this is totally natural, but if you have only one single goal in your life and that comes in danger due to any third person, the Inferiority complex is very complex.

Because of this, you start over-thinking and that leads you to the creative block.

Family Problem

how to overcome creative block

The second cause can be any problem that’s going in the family and you have to keep thinking about that. Thinking a lot about something or having a mind that’s working somewhere else, can bring the creative block.

At such time, usually, you don’t get many ideas that you plan to work on. So yes, Family problems can be the cause of a creative block.

Fear of Imperfection

Often there comes a time in everybody’s life, whether he could be from any field. Let it be creative or physical. A person thinks he isn’t perfect for the role he wishes to work for. And that is a major reason for the blockage of the mind with ideas.

Having the fear of imperfection is something that will lead to not thinking about the work at all. This keeps on bringing you down and blocks you away from the creative thought.

Like these, there are many other reasons that can cause the creative block. But the main thing to keep here in mind is the ways to overcome these creative blocks. If you don’t know the correct methods, the situation could become worse.

So read the full article in order to get the ways on how you can overcome the creative block.

Who faces the creative block?

Creative block causes problems for the people who are mainly engaged in mental work. People who do physical work in their daily routine, do not face this problem.

As I said earlier, a creative block is a mental state that blocks the ideas in our minds while doing some research about something. Majorly it happens while doing mental work.

Creative block is faced by:


how to overcome creative block

Making music requires a large amount of creativity if measured. From scratch to the final part, it needs an original melody and rhythm. Writing a song requires a positive mind that should have the capability of collecting the stories for inspiration.

With a busy mind, the creative block is pretty normal for young producers.


Artists who paint, are in constant need of ideas. They look for inspiration everywhere, and when they can’t, it leads them to the creator’s block.

Often artists get this artists’ block because of something else going in their mind instead of the creative thing that they are working on.


Ok, While searching for the term ‘Creative Block’, you would have definitely come across the word ‘Writer’s Block’. Now that’s because often it is found that among the creative people in their respective fields, writers are the ones who face this writer’s block more than others.

For the writers, the main thing is the story. And in order to get their story in the correct format possible, they should have a clean and clear mind. But, who can say anything about your surroundings? Maybe that writer is facing some financial problems, this will automatically lead him to that space.

So from here, we came to know that the condition ‘Creative block’ can not be kept completely aside. But when we cross the path, there are certain things that we can do to keep our hope up and let positivity flow through our veins.

Types of Creative Block

There are various types of creative blocks that artists face in their life. It is very necessary to first identify them. Cause identifying makes it easy to overcome with the same easily.

Therefore, before beginning to the answer of the ways to Overcome Creative Block, let’s take a look at types of creative block.

Emotional Breakdown

Many a time, people go through some relationship problems that cause emotional pain. Because of that, the level of thinking ability goes down.

He becomes unable to conceive any ideas about the work and that gives anxiety, which leads to distress even further. And this way, Emotional breakdown provokes the creative block.


Failure is something that should be handled in a very careful way. If done carelessly, it can lead to a deep mental problem which can be more harmful than just Creative Block.

When a person fails, his own self-esteem falls to a very low level and he feels like the world has ended or the door for success has been shut. He can not see any way in the front through which entrance can be made. This builds a blockage in the mind to think in any creative direction.

Wrong Decisions

In this life, there always comes such a part where we may take a wrong direction. That small decision leads us to the mental condition called a creative block.

Well we all know, avoiding mistakes is inevitable, but keeping in mind to think twice before choosing any way can filter the possibilities.

How to overcome creative block?

Okay, now enough of getting to know about what is creative block, let’s get to the point and start the main topic – How to overcome creative block.

Walk Alone

The first step that comes here is to walk alone. Now that doesn’t mean you have to just go out of the house and start walking. Actually, that might help too, but here we are looking for a long-term solution.

Walking alone means it’s the time for you to break up with everyone who keeps reminding you about the work that you aren’t able to complete. Getting the alarm again and again, that you can’t do, leads to frustration and that could be harmful.

So the option here is to go somewhere to the place where there aren’t a lot of people around you. THere you have to just think about something that you have good in you.

Every person has some unique quality. Being alone will help you realize your potential and will give you positivity. You can shine again cause you will be having confidence in yourself this time.

Being with yourself also helps you to be calm and to think over everything that is letting you down. When you are calmer, your mind starts thinking in a positive way, the positive solutions begin to flow through your mind.

Walking alone can be very helpful if you are going through some let-down phase of your life.


A positive attitude will help you to focus on the positive side of your career and will also give you the way to either eliminate those negative thoughts that led you to the creative block or it can give you the solution to overcome that.

Talk to Someone

how to overcome creative block

You must be thinking if I gave you the option of being alone in the above section, why this point of talking to someone.

Sometimes, just being alone isn’t enough to eliminate the negative thoughts from the mind. Maybe you are not able to think in a positive way, or unable to find the unique quality in yourself. Because often when you are upset, and having the creative block, your mind is unable to think about the positive possibilities.

At such times, we need someone with whom we can share our feelings. Sharing the feeling or telling them about the condition of yours, helps your mind to be at some ease. Your mind gets a comforting feel that someone is there for you.

That person might be your parents or your best friend with whom you share everything. They will either give you some advice to overcome this critical situation or may ease up your pain and suffering.

Think about Future

When you get the creative block, most people get scared about their future. They feel total selfless that they might not be able to achieve the planned goal.

So the thing here you have to do is to do the same but you have to apply some more power to your brain. See you know that you are going through a mental block, and because of that you aren’t able to think positively, but try harder to bring something positive in the middle of your thoughts.

You aren’t aware of the capability of your brain. If it gets even a hint of getting out of that terrible situation, it’s going to pick that and start making the way to positivity. But you have to be the pusher who has to push the positive thought about your future in your thoughts.

The positive thoughts could be about how your future life is going to be if that negative point is eliminated. This will modify the way that you already have created and will help you to overcome creative block.

Comfort Yourself

how to overcome creative block

The first thing that happens to you after coming under the creative block is that you start feeling uncomfortable. You begin to feel the insecurities in your life.

This gets you even deeper into the situation. The first thing you always have to do is comfort yourself and keep saying the word – “EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE FINE”.

That is the magic sentence that helps your mind to calm down every time it hears the sentence. Words play a very important role in one’s behavior. Our mind and body react according to them.

So using them in such times helps our mind and body to keep themselves calm and to think in a positive way.

Write down Everything

how to overcome creative block

In the end, the last trick that I often use is writing down everything that’s drowning me towards the artists’ block and also the points that are keeping me to the edge of positivity. And this helps me a lot in bringing up positivity.

Okay, so here basically what you have to do is whenever you feel that you start feeling low, get your pen and paper with you, and start making the chart.

Draw two columns. Put the heading Negative points in one section, and on the other one, Positive points. Now start writing all the points on both sides.

Negative Points

  • After finishing up with the list, what you have to do with the negative points is, select a point and try to decode it. Think about the possibilities of converting that into your positive side of the list. In this way, you will eliminate most of the negative points. But there still will be some points left.
  • So the next thing you have to do with them is thinking if they are necessary or eligible to be on your concern list. Because many a time, our mind creates random imagination and keeps dwelling on it. In such situations, the point isn’t that effective in our life but due to overthinking, it looks like it is that big part that can lead to creating a mental block.
  • Now, most of your negative points would have been either shifted to the positive side or some of them would have got eliminated. Even now if you are remaining with some more thoughts, you can follow the ways given above and they will also fade away.

Positive Points

  • What you have to do with the positive side is that you have to embrace each point. This will help bringing positivity to your whole body and getting out through the negativity will become easier.
  • Our mind needs something in order to eliminate something. It doesn’t want to remain in the dark. So help your mind a little in spreading the positive attitude.


A positive attitude will help you to focus on the positive side of your career and will also give you the way to either eliminate those negative thoughts that led you to the creative block or it can give you the solution to overcome that.

And in the end, I just want to give you the best healing technique or way that will you overcome creative block, and that is TIME.

how to overcome creative block

TIME IS THE BEST HEALER. We all have heard this phrase. And it’s definitely true because when you can’t help yourself with the situation, let the time do it for you. You just have to wait. And in some days, you will be all over again same as you were before.

So do remember to enjoy your life and always remain away from the negativity. But you get caught by one, don’t let yourself down, cause I will always be here to help you artists in anyways need.

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